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    Botanical remedy shampoo

    This repair shampoo has been developed to regenerate hair fiber, restore the scalp and make the hair silky and shining. The gentle oils of its formulation thicken the hair, adding volume at the roots. Hedo Remedy Shampoo softly cleanses the hair, regulating sebum production, preventing skin peeling, hyperhidrosis and atony.
    How to use: apply to wet hair, massage and rinse, or apply a second time if desired.
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    Botanical remedy conditioner

    A special blend made of natural vegetable ingredients. It is suitable to re-build, restore and treat hair fiber and scalp. Each ingredient has been chosen because of its peculiar characteristics: they are wetting, moisturizing, revitalizing and restructuring. The special formulation penetrates deep into the hair fiber making them moistured, shiny and silky.
    How to use: apply to wet hair, let rest for 5/7 minutes, then rinse.
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    Botanical silky cream

    This thermoactive smoothing-detangling serum helps to get a perfect hairstyle using the hair dryer or the hair straightener. Its active principles shape the hair and refine the desired hairstyle, reducing drying and smoothing times, without damaging hair fiber. The result is silky and shining.
    How to use: put a little amount of the product on your hand and spread it evenly on wet hair, from the roots to the ends, comb thoroughly, then create the desired hairstyle. On ethnic or difficult hair apply a generous amount of product.
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    Botanical silky hair oil

    Silky oil made of special vegetable oils for hair treatment. Unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins and precious Omegas 3-6-9 deeply nourish the hair, that appears velvety, light and soft as silk.
    How to use: apply before drying, on wet hair for a detangling effect, on dried hair for a shining and moisturizing effect.
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    Moisturizing shampoo with Argan oil

    Biohè Hydrate is a moisturizing shampoo for dry, treated and damaged hair. It makes soft and silky hair. Thanks to its precious organic vegetable oils cleanses the hair genlty, restoring their body and vitality. How to use: apply to wet hair, massage and rinse, or apply a second time if desired.
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    Moisturizing conditioner with Argan oil

    Biohè Hydrate is a conditioner with a precious restructuring, smoothing and moisturizing action. Thanks to its precious organic vegetable oils restores dry, treated, brittle and damaged hair, making them soft, shiny and full-bodied. How to use: apply to wet hair, massage and rinse, or apply a second time if desired.
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    Oil potion with Argan oil

    Biohe Hydrate is a refining silk oil, gives shine, prevents double tips, nourishes without weighing, improves hair bend. How to use: apply on small amounts of hair before and after drying.
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    Moisturizing hair cream with Argan oil

    Biohè Hydrate is a leave-in hair cream. It's silky and light-weight. Improvesmanageability and kydrates without weighing the hair down. Repairs and protects the hair from the use of hairdryers, straighteners and curling irons. It improves the structure of the hair from the first application and prevents splits. How to use: apply the appropriate amount of product on damp hair, wait some seconds then comb it.